Yacht Rock Party Fun!


Yacht Rock Party Fun!

With your host "Captain Stubing" of "The Love Boat" and "Special Guests!!!"

(Also the "Great Gatsby / Titantic Yacht Rock Party!")

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Yes, your guests will love "The Love Boat Yacht Rock Party" as everyone from 40 years old + will remember the fun vibes of  "Hollywood Meets the Open Seas" in our tribute to this romantic and exciting 70's theme event based on that great TV classic, "The Love Boat!"

For this super-sexy-Seventies-seas & swizzle-stick in the drink event, your host "Captain Stubing"  will meet each of your guests boarding with a Mimosa or Champaign flute and of course, the classic "Bon Voyage Paparrazi Photos" that will be grand mementos of your special event, fund raiser or public realtions - marketing - social event! Below, we see "Tom Jones" before his special musical performance with a lovely lady having a champaign toast on the fantail of the luxury super yacht, "Brave Heart" ready to sail from Baltimore, MD's famous Inner Harbor!

Yes!!! Guests are encouraged to masquerade as their favorite "Stars" ala the many episodes of ABC's hit 70's TV show "The Love Boat! " One of the  most popular elements were the cameo appearances of favored older classic TV and movie stars in the "fun and romance" series!

Just picture the fun the ladies will have when "Rod Stewart" makes a surprise appearance and performance!!! Oh yeah, all the classic Rod-ster songs, even "The Love Boat!!!"

"Jimmy Buffett" special guest show features all of the tropical cruise classics of "Margaritaville," including of course the perfect songs "Boat Drinks," "Son of a Son of a Sailor," "Changes in Latitudes," "A Pirate Looks at 40," "Volcano," "Fins," Cheeseburger in Paradise" and more!!!

Master variety celebrity impersonator and musical tributes star Tim Beasley has performed in many world famous venues, coast to coast, for resorts, casinos, convention and conference centers for a very wide spectrum of special events, galas, fund raisers and marketing-PR socials. Many of these are ballroom -based special events,  decorated to resemble the interior of a cruise ship, and commonly called "A Cruise To Nowhere" and simply a party theme!

However, becoming more popular due to the "Yacht Rock Party" phenomenon, these also include his "Love Boat" fun party stylings aboard the cruise ships

The Atlantis of Chelsea Piers, Chelsea Manhattan, NYC, NY

Brave Heart, of Baltimore, MD

Spirit of Norfolk, Norfolk, VA

The Blue Moon, of Virginia Beach, VA

The Discovery, of Virginia Beach, VA

The Annabel Lee, of Richmond, VA

The Raven, of Baltimore, MD

Yes!!! All of "The Martini Men" you find on the homepage, www.themartinimen.com will be available for a custom "The Love Boat Yacht Rock Party!!!"

Between the live performances, the very best "Yacht Rock - International Disco" dance cruise tunes will play for a totally cool theme!!!

Consider the othet Yacht Rock Party Themes,

"Titanic" and "Great Gatsby!"

On the "Titanic" we party like there's "no tomorrow!"

...and "The Great Gatsby Yacht Rock Party" was a big winner for our great US Navy's  Gerald R. Ford super aircraft carrier for their Holidays celebration fun!!!

Available Nationally, and a party show that's very easy to promote and a big traffic builder attraction for any event you want a large audience for!

Complete show when booked within a 300 mile radius of Virginia Beach, VA can also be equipped with top brand professional sound and lighting gear, too!!!

Great & Glamorous Fun!!!

Licensed and Insured since 1986, copyright Tim Beasley

Bookings Nationally !!! Phone / Text  757-589-0903

email:   timobeasleystar@aol.com

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