Booze Schmoozes


"Booze Schmoozes" are, by definition, "Where business and pleasure meet with a drink in the hand, with great entertainment as the 'swizzle-stick in the drink' to generate fun and excitement, and a good time is had by all." This also defines "wine tastings" and even "Octoberfests" types of events.

That's about as clear and simple of a magic formula to get a crowd together as I've ever seen! Having a get together, a high-roller party or client special event? Give 'em something to talk about, about how much they enjoyed coming to your event, making friends, groovin' with the fun and liveliness of real, Las Vegas-style musical entertainment that's full of Superstars power!

When your guests start rolling in, it's the heartbeat of great music that foundations a fine and fashionable first impression...and as we've already presented, nothing beats the grand sound and feel of classic Las Vegas!

Either in a comfy cozy corner or room center up on a stage riser in the lime light , our "Dean Martin" is your "drink & wink master" for sure, and is your "Martini Man" ambassador with a great greeting for all the guests. He's the "king of cool," and puts everyone at ease with his smooth tunes and schmoozing sophistication!


Hotel - banquet room - convention center events generally have portable bar service and bartenders. If you're reserving a private facility without this service, or having a large private party, there are companies out there licensed to serve you and guests...or, if you're real laid back and informal, just stack up the coolers!

Brand name alcoholic beverage distributors, distilleries, breweries and wineries are always looking for a way to get closer to their consumers. We've had the pleasure of being sponsored  (depends on the event's state and its alcoholic beverages rules and regulations) for hospitality events  by the world's largest manufacturers as well as the local wineries and "micro" breweries.

These have included:

Diageo Guinness ( Smirnoff's, Crown Royal, Tanqueray, J&B, Ketel One, Captain Morgan, Bailey's, Johnnie Walker, Jose Cuervo, Guinness)

Anheiser Busch (now AB InBev)



St. George's

Raffinatti Wines

Miller & Miller Lite


"Las Vegas-style Entertainment Coast to Coast!"



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